Accident Shines Uncomfortable Light On Congressman’s Driving Record

( — Maryland State Police confirmed last week that Senator John Fetterman was at fault for last Sunday’s crash that injured a 62-year-old woman when the Pennsylvania Democrat rear-ended her vehicle while driving at a high rate of speed.

While Fetterman played down the incident afterward, posting a video the following day holding Tylenol and a bag of frozen peas, the vehicular accident was just the latest unsafe driving incident by the Pennsylvania Democrat.

A review of public records showed that Fetterman has a history of driving infractions, including two citations for speeding, in 2016 and in March 2024.

In the March incident, Fetterman was driving roughly 34 miles per hour over the posted speed limit and was ordered to complete a driver’s improvement class.

Unnamed aides said they grew concerned over how often the Pennsylvania Democrat used FaceTime or texted while driving. Fetterman’s aides have avoided messaging him when they know he is driving out of fear that he would answer them. One aide, after experiencing the senator’s reckless driving first-hand, asked not to ride along in the car when Fetterman was behind the wheel.

The senator’s office implemented an informal rule instructing aides not to ride in the same car if Fetterman was driving.

A spokesman for the freshman senator described the accounts about his driving as “gossip” and said they were “inaccurate.”

Senator Fetterman said in a statement following last Sunday’s crash that in nearly 40 years of driving, he received “a small handful of tickets” and promised to “do better.”

The senator’s vehicle received significant damage to the front end in last Sunday’s crash and had to be towed away from the scene along with the other vehicle because the damage to both was “disabling,” according to the police report

A local news outlet obtained photos of the senator’s car after it was towed to the lot that showed the extent of the damage.

The police report stated that Fetterman was “not distracted” before the crash. Under the category “distracted by,” the police wrote, “unknown.”

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