China Unveils New “DNA” Weapon To Target Minorities

( — There is “overwhelming evidence” to suggest that Chinese authorities are forcibly taking DNA samples from Tibetan people. Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin said, “Human rights groups report that police are taking blood samples from men, women, and children, with no legitimate justification, in all seven prefectures in the Tibetan autonomous region, often showing up at kindergartens. There’s zero indication Tibetans can refuse.” The international organization Human Rights Watch says the DNA collections are being used to increase surveillance of the Tibetan population and the likelihood is that it will be used to punish family members of those who speak out in dissent against the Chinese government.

The University of Toronto has studied the phenomenon and estimates that between a quarter and a third of the Tibetan population has already had samples taken. The group added that the process will not stop with Tibetans, but is intended to include the entire population of China.

The Canadian report states that 68 million people’s samples have already been acquired across the nation, and these are often demanded in order to obtain official documents for travel or as part of national health programs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also proving helpful to the Communist Party as spying on citizens ramps up under the administration of Xi Jinping. The government has created a database collating facial features, voices, cellular make-up, and how a person walks. All can be used to identify and categorize a citizen.

There have been calls for US companies to stop doing business with China in the light of its human rights abuses. Thermo Fisher Scientific, a US DNA kit producer, has stopped selling its products to authorities in the province of Xinjiang, where the Muslim Uyghur population is reported to be suffering serious human rights abuses, but still trades with other regions of the country, including areas where Tibetans are targeted.

Communist China is one of the world’s most oppressive countries. All aspects of a person’s life, education, or business, are strictly controlled by the state.

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