Experts Turn to Particle Technology to Halt Climate Change

( – The US-based company Make Sunsets has started releasing sulfur particles into the Earth’s atmosphere as a way to combat climate change make money by selling “cooling credits.”

Make Sunsets put 10 grams of sulfur dioxide into two weather balloons, pumped the balloons with helium, and released the sulfur into the atmosphere purportedly to deflect sunlight and cause a cooling effect.

The first experiment was conducted in April 2022 somewhere in Baja, California.

However, the company’s experiment was done without any monitoring equipment. Make Sunsets did not obtain permission from any government officials or scientific agency before launching their goofy experiment nor does the company know if their experiment made any impact.

Luke Iseman, the CEO of Make Sunsets, told MIT Technology Review that the experiment was “to confirm that I could do it.” He described the geoengineering experiment as “firmly in science project territory.”

Geoengineering involves manipulating the climate by getting sunlight to reflect into space through the release of sulfur or other similar particles into the stratosphere. The theory is that the particles will have a cooling effect by deflecting sunlight into space so it isn’t warming the planet.

Make Sunsets claims that just one gram of sulfur can offset one ton of carbon emissions for a year. The company began selling “cooling credits” for $10 a piece for future balloon flights.

In other words, it’s a money-making scheme disguised as “geoengineering” so Make Sunsets can fleece gullible people panicked over “climate change” by selling “cooling credits.”

Scientists aren’t entirely sold on the idea of geoengineering.

A recent study suggested that the long-term effect triggered by deliberately deflecting sunlight into space could lead to significant plant and animal loss on Earth.

Geoengineering could deplete the ozone layer, which would lead to an increase in skin cancer, eye damage, and other health dangers.

Most scientists maintain that artificially tampering with the atmosphere should only be a last resort in combating so-called climate change as it could end up accelerating the process.

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