Host Drew Carey Claims That The Contestants Are Often Inebriated On “The Price Is Right”

( — The Price is Right host Drew Carey revealed that many of the contestants on the show are high, drunk, or tripping.

He said it frequently happens that people come to the show with their friends and may not expect to be chosen to “come on down.” He said the contestants may have eaten a cannabis gummy, or he can smell alcohol on their breath. He also claimed that one person was tripping on mushrooms. That man was into sketch comedy and claimed to be a “skateboarding rabbi.”

Carey replaced Bob Barker as the host of the show in 2007, when Barker retired after 35 years of hosting the program. Carey said hosting the show is what he was made to do, and he plans to continue hosting until they don’t want him to do it anymore. He said he would be happy to die with a microphone in his hand.

Pat Sajak, the host of Wheel of Fortune, recently retired after 41 years of leading the popular game show. Now that he has retired, Carey has the longest reign as a current game show host on television, with 18 years. Carey said he has a long way to go, but said he wants to catch up to Barker and Sajak.

Before Carey became host of the game show, he was most well-known for his sitcom work on the Drew Carey Show” and the sketch comedy program, “Whose Line is it Anyway?” Before that, Carey started as a stand-up comedian, that eventually helped launch his acting career.

Carey said he is surprised that he has made it so long as the host of the popular game show. He said he can’t imagine quitting or retiring, because it is such a blessing in his life. When he hit ten years hosting on the show, he realized it was the longest job he had ever worked. It surpassed the nine years he spent working on the sitcom named after him.

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