Marco Rubio Presses Biden To Withdraw White House Credentials From Al Jazeera

( — Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio last week demanded that President Joe Biden “immediately rescind” the press credentials and White House access of the Qatar-funded outlet Al Jazeera until the outlet “cuts all ties” with US-designated foreign terrorist organizations.

In his June 12 letter to President Biden, Rubio highlighted the many acts of “depravity” committed by Hamas and its supporters and also noted that Al Jazeera “has long been a mouthpiece for terrorists and has peddled anti-American sentiments.”

Rubio noted that three of the Israeli hostages rescued during the IDF’s special operation in Nuseirat on June 8 were being held captive in the home of Abdallah Ajamal, a reporter with Al Jazeera.

He urged the president to revoke White House access to reporters and other employees from the Qatar-funded outlet “immediately” until it cuts ties with “U.S.-designated FTOs.”

In his letter, Rubio noted that Al Jazeera denied “any knowledge of Aljamal,” despite Aljamal being listed on Al Jazeera’s English-language website as the outlet’s “Gaza-based reporter and photojournalist.”

Rubio also noted that Aljamal also contributed to the pro-Hamas English-language outlet The Palestine Chronicle, which is headed up by Ramzi Baroud, formerly of Al Jazeera.

Rubio argued in his letter that Aljamal’s connection to Hamas was “not an isolated incident.” Instead, Rubio said Aljamal was just one in a series of journalists from Al Jazeera who have ties with or operate as members of foreign terrorist organizations.

Ismail Abu Omar, an Al Jazeera correspondent, participated in the October 7 attacks and “served as a Deputy Company Commander for Hamas,” Rubio wrote.

Rubio also noted another Al Jazeera journalist whose name was found in documents obtained by the IDF listing him as a regional officer for another US-designated FTO, Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

The Florida Republican told the president that Al Jazeera has been using its outlet “to sow anti-American sentiments” and harm US national security.

He called on the president to revoke the credentials of Al Jazeera White House correspondent Kimberly Halkett and any other employees from the Qatar-based outlet “who have access to the White House.”

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