Pig Kidney Works for Record Two Months in Donated Body

(PatriotWise.com) — As the fall season commences in regions across America, traditionally, the time of year brings about jovial festivities. The harvest is celebrated, food is always in abundance, mild weather is enjoyed, and natural beauty is most prevalent. But over the last several years, ordinary Americans everywhere have had little to be excited or happy about. Since taking office in January 2021, President Joe Biden has presided over a stagnant, chaotic, and dark period in national history. Blue-collar citizens across the country have struggled mightily over the last two years; in 2022, inflation soared to levels not witnessed since Jimmy Carter was president. The nation’s middle class, which has been shrinking for years, has been crushed by the skyrocketing cost of living and wage stagnation. In more recent times, natural disasters such as the deadliest wildfire in American history, hurricanes, and earthquakes have devastated communities in several southern and western states. Painfully, things are not well in the United States.

Despite all the dreary circumstances in contemporary America, it should be noted that not all is lost. In truth, humanity in many aspects of the western world has created the most comfortable and advanced society in history. People are living on average for longer than ever before, and modern medicine continues to rapidly advance. Experts claim that antibiotics have extended the average lifespan by over two decades over the past century.

In a most recent development, doctors transplanted the kidney of a pig into a brain-dead human in an attempt to experiment with utilizing animal organs in humans. The subject, Maurice Miller, was by all means deceased—a vegetable, unable to function. But his family acquiesced to the use of his body in a preserved state for the experiment. For two months, the pig kidney functioned as normal. It was the longest situation recorded in which a genetically modified pig kidney successfully functioned in a human. Scientists have hope for future progress.

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