Suicide Drones Deployed In Massive Attack

( — As the war between Ukraine and Russia continues to ramp up as spring barrels onward, Ukraine deployed “suicide drones” in a massive attack well behind Russian lines, according to a report from the defense and national security website 19FortyFive. Last week, a video revealed a loitering munition striking a large Russian oil refinery and fuel depot.

Four drones were in the attack but only two made it to the ground. One was shot down and the other was neutralized, according to Russian officials. The depot contained more than 25 large fuel tanks, but only four were reportedly destroyed.

This attack marks the second drone strike against Crimea in the last week as Russia conducts a series of missile strikes against civilian areas in Ukraine. Russia recently impacted a residential building that killed 16 people, including two children, according to Newsmax. But Ukraine has reportedly succeeded in warding off many of the missiles. They allege that they prevented 11 cruise missiles and two unmanned aerial vehicles from hitting the ground.

Ukrainian troops have also reportedly attacked Russian Navy ships in Sevastopol. But the recent attacks are speculated to be part of Ukraine’s famous spring counteroffensive, which Russia was trying to avoid by capturing the city of Bakhmut. Despite that goal, Ukraine has said that they will not give up that territory after initial statements that if the costs outweigh the benefits then they will “strategically pull back.”

The loss of fuel may be seen as hitting Russia particularly hard as they need fuel to continue operations, a strategy that Ukraine has pursued in the past. This past summer, Ukraine was aiming for Russia’s logistical network, using M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) and M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) to target key areas.

With the help of the West, Ukraine has successfully destroyed what could be of use to Russian forces, including ammunition depots, fuel dumps, and troop concentrations.

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