Trump Rages At “Sleazebag” Bill Maher

( — Donald Trump has lashed out at Fox News for promoting the liberal comedian Bill Maher. Trump said he was shocked that Fox would promote Maher and accused the conservative network of weakness. “He’s laughing at you for being weak and stupid!” Trump said on his Truth Social media platform. “Bill Maher is a Low Ratings sleazebag who should never be shown on a Conservative Network,” he added.

Maher is liberal in most of his views but has taken aim at “woke” progressives numerous times, particularly on the issue of Muslim extremism. In December last year, he said he was not a conservative, but that “woke” and liberalism are not the same thing. The clip remains on the Fox News website, along with similar footage. In a video, also shared by Fox News, Maher speaks with British scientist Richard Dawkins and says that “woke” liberals are insane for not calling out fundamentalist Islam. He has also condemned hypocrisy on climate change, saying young “woke” people also drive cars, and he took aim at the so-called gender lobby when he fiercely criticized the absurd notion that men can give birth.

Maher was recently given a new Friday night slot on CNN that started in January.

Trump has reacted with fury and claimed that Maher does not share the values of Fox News or “MAGA people and real conservatives.”

The feud between Trump and Maher has been ongoing since 2013 when the former President tried to sue the comedian for asking if his father may have been an orangutan. Following an appearance on The Tonight Show, when Maher said the only thing in nature that matches Trump’s hair color is the coat of an orangutan, Trump filed a lawsuit. He also sent a copy of his birth certificate to Maher, before withdrawing the lawsuit weeks later.

After the midterms in November 2022 did not produce the results Republicans would have liked, Maher did a “victory dance” on his show in celebration.

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