Tucker Stops Reporter In Their Tracks By Requesting Citation

(PatriotWise.com) — A reporter in Australia told Tucker Carlson that he promoted the Great Replacement Theory and mentioned it on his show 4,000 times, but was unable to provide evidence of her claim. The reporter claimed that Carlson has talked about immigrants replacing white people in the United States, which Carlson outright denied. He clarified some statements that he had made that he believed the reporter was misinterpreting or misunderstanding.

The reporter was trying to portray Carlson as being concerned about the replacement of white people specifically. The secondary implication is that it’s not acceptable to be concerned about issues affecting white people.

Carlson said that he has stated that native-born Americans are being replaced by immigrants. He said that is far different than the racial dynamic implied by the reporter’s accusation that he promoted the Great Replacement Theory. Carlson said that African-Americans and their ancestors have been living in the U.S. for 400 years. He said the concerns of these families are just as valid as those of the white families that have occupied the U.S. for 400 years.

The reporter kept insisting that Carlson promoted the theory on his show, but Carlson continued to push back and said she was unable to provide a citation. He said that he would never have said that, because he doesn’t believe that. He asked the reporter why she wasn’t taking him at his word when he was telling her his beliefs on the topic.

Carlson continued by saying the reporter has a problem if she thinks it is racist to be concerned about immigrants taking the jobs of American citizens and families that have lived here for hundreds of years. The reporter claimed she didn’t call Carlson racist, but suggested that Carlson’s rhetoric was the basis for a mass shooting in Buffalo.

The murderer in the 2022 Buffalo shooting had a manifesto that referred to the Great Replacement Theory, and the shooting took place in a minority neighborhood supermarket.

Carlson said he expected the beautiful country of Australia to have a different media landscape than America, but now he has determined it’s exactly the same. He said it’s possible the media in Australia is “a little bit dumber.”

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