An Army Soldier With Top-Secret Clearance Allegedly Sold Secrets to a Foreign National

( — A sergeant in the US Army was arrested last week for allegedly selling sensitive information to an individual claiming to reside in Hong Kong, the Associated Press reported.

In a March 7 news release, the Department of Justice said Army intelligence analyst Sgt. Korbein Schultz, 24, was indicted on six charges related to disclosing defense information and bribery.

Schultz was arrested at Fort Campbell shortly after the Justice Department released the indictment.

According to prosecutors, since June 2022, Schultz, who held a top-secret security clearance, has conspired with a foreign individual to disclose documents, including photographs and national defense materials.

The individual, named only as Conspirator A in the indictment, recruited Schultz both because of his security clearance and his role in gathering sensitive military documents.

The indictment alleges that Schultz provided Conspirator A with information on the US’s High Mobility Artillery Rocket System and hypersonic equipment, as well as military studies on possible military operations in countries like China and studies on future developments of US forces.

Initially, Schultz was asked to supply documents on the lessons the US military could learn from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that could be utilized by the United States if Taiwan was ever invaded. For that information, Schultz was paid $200. Conspirator A then asked Schultz for a “long-term partnership.”

Conspirator A later suggested to Schultz that he could make more money if he provided “internal only” documents rather than unclassified materials.

Throughout the “long-term partnership,” Schultz received $42,000 in at least 14 separate payments.

Henry Leventis, the US Attorney for the Middle District of Tennesee, said in the news release that Conspirator A and Schultz also discussed recruiting another American serviceman to join their conspiracy, both to provide additional information and “conceal their illegal conduct.”

Lt. Col. Ruth Castro, a spokeswoman for the US Army, said in a statement that Sgt. Schultz was from Wills Point, Texas, and enlisted in the US Army in November 2018.

According to the Justice Department, Conspirator A told Schultz that he worked for a geopolitical consulting firm and lived in Hong Kong.

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