Instigator Of The Chicago “Death To America” Chant Contributes To Iran State TV

( — The Chicago anti-war organizer who was filmed last week teaching activists to chant “Death to America” in Farsi was a regular contributor to Iranian-linked outlets, including Press TV, Fox News reported.

Reporter Olivia Reingold with The Free Press first broke the story about activist Shabbir Rizvi leading the break-out session as part of a broader event earlier this month for activists who plan to disrupt this summer’s Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

Reingold filmed the break-out session in which Rivzi taught the activists enough Farsi to chant “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.” The video has since gone viral on social media.

In an interview on Fox & Friends last week, Reingold recounted the delight of the activists in learning how to chant the infamous Iranian phrases.

Reingold noted in her report that the roughly 300 attendees of the event later erupted in cheers when one of the activists announced that Iran had launched its unprecedented attack on Israel.

According to Fox News, Shabbir Rizvi was at one time a regular contributor to Press TV and the outlet Al Mayadeen.

Senior fellow David Daoud from the Foundation of Defense of Democracies told Fox that the two outlets are linked to Iran and its terrorist proxy, Hezbollah.

According to Daoud, Press TV is referred to as the mouthpiece for Iran. Its American website was seized along with 32 others as part of a sweep by the US Justice Department in 2021 to close down sites targeting the US with malign influence operations and disinformation campaigns.

In a December Press TV article, Rizvi celebrated the October 7 Hamas attacks on Israel, which he described as “the humiliation” dealt to the “Zionist regime” by the Hamas-led “Palestinian resistance.”

Following the April 13 drone and missile attacks on Israel, Rizvi replied to a tweet from Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi asking God to bless Iran “and the heroes of the IRGC,” according to the Anti-Defamation League.

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