Antifa Get Black Security Guard Fired Over “White Supremacy”

( — After white Antifa militants called a black security guard a “white supremacist” and a member of the Proud Boys, a grocery store in Portland, Oregon fired him, according to The Post Millennial. Melissa Lewis, the woman responsible for bringing attention to the security guard, describes herself as “Antifa scum” and a “cop hater.”

Lewis took to Twitter to broadcast a complaint her comrade, Dustin B. Ferreira, made against the guard, Andrew Duncomb. Tagging the grocery store, Fred Meyer, in the tweet, Lewis called for them to fire Duncomb. Ferreria was previously arrested for partaking in an Antifa riot in 2020 and suspended from Twitter for “hate speech,” but he reportedly goes around that ban by using another account.

Ferreria was part of the protest that took place in 2021 when he joined a mob to threaten journalist Andy Ngo while he was in a hotel after being assaulted on the street.


The grocery store shortly after conceded to the demands after other far-left extremists began to amplify the calls for Duncomb’s firing. The store issued a statement on Twitter saying that they stand against discrimination and injustice. After the firing, the disabled militant was recorded harassing someone else at the grocery store, throwing his items in the trash before being told to leave.

During a riot in 2020, Duncomb was stabbed by an Antifa member who narrowly missed his spinal cord. He is a witness against the suspect, Blake David Hampe, who was previously convicted for possession of minor content. Since then, Duncomb has been the target of Antifa militants seeking to ruin his life by associating him with his past affiliation with the Proud Boys, despite breaking ties with them in 2017.

Before being employed at Fred Meyer’s, Duncomb said that he was also the target of a campaign while he worked at Walmart in early 2022.

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