Aspiring Musician Found Dead in Executive’s Hotel Suite

( — A woman has been found dead in the hotel room of music executive David Bolno. Staff discovered Laura Lozano’s body in the bathtub of a room at the luxurious Setai Hotel in Miami on the early morning of March 30th. Bolno said she was staying in his room but he was not present when she died. Unidentified substances, suspected to be narcotics, were also found in the room.

“It was a terrible tragedy. I had vacated the room in the earlier part of the morning so I wasn’t there when they found her. It was really sad, she was someone I really liked, and she was a good person,” Bolno said.

The music producer was initially suspected of involvement in the death, but police say investigations have led them to conclude that he should not be considered a person of interest. Security footage shows Mr. Bolno leaving the room at 4:30 AM. Lozano’s body was discovered nine hours later. She was unresponsive. Bolno said she was in his suite at the deluxe hotel because he was helping her record music. He said Lozano was a client who was close to signing a record deal.

The suspected narcotics found by hotel staff have not yet been identified, but they were located in several parts of the elite suite.

Stacy Pineles, Bolno’s wife, is thought to be an associate of Vice President Kamala Harris, and pictures of them together have been published as part of the press coverage of the story.

David Bolno is a partner at NKSFB, one of the largest management firms in California. He advises clients on wealth creation and is said to work with some of the world’s biggest stars, including Justin Bieber, and Pharrell Williams.

Little is known about Laura Lozano, but Mr. Bolno said he has been in touch with members of her family whom he described as “devastated.” She was 34 years old and thought to be from Miami.

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