Burger King Is Being Sued For $15 Million For Failing To End “Open Air Drug Bazaar”

(PatriotWise.com) — A resident of Manhattan’s Financial District filed a $15 million lawsuit against Burger King, alleging that its Fulton Street location has been overrun by drug dealers, UPI reported.

Kevin Kaufman, a resident of the pre-war Fulton Chambers condo at 102 Fulton Street, filed suit against the fast-food chain earlier this month, alleging that the Burger King restaurant at 106 Fulton Street was not doing enough to prevent drug dealers from turning the location into an “open-air drug bazaar.”

In his complaint, Kaufman notes that the drug dealers have attracted various unsavory individuals who have terrorized the neighborhood and created a crisis for residents whose quality of life, property values, and safety have been harmed.

Kaufman told the New York Post that residents call the police, but the NYPD has been “handcuffed” by New York’s bail reform law. Any people arrested are usually back the very next day.

The NYPD has recorded 143 911 calls to the Fulton Street Burger King since January 1, 2023.

A video posted on social media in January showed two men engaged in a violent brawl near the Burger King.

Several residents told the New York Post that the only people who go to the Fulton Street Burger King are there not for burgers but for drugs.

According to Kaufman, NYPD Capt. Joel Rosenthal met with representatives from Burger King last fall to discuss the problems at the Fulton Street restaurant, however, nothing has been done about the drug dealers.

In his lawsuit, Kaufman is seeking $15 million in damages, alleging “extreme emotional distress.” He has also requested a preliminary injunction to force Burger King to prevent drug dealing at the Fulton Street location.

Lalmir Sultanzada, the owner of the Fulton Street franchise, said there was nothing he could do about the problem. He argued that his restaurant was also suffering from the drug dealers hanging around. He told the New York Post that it was up to the NYPD to deal with the problem, adding that he could not afford to hire private security.

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