China Has A Weapon That Could Compromise State Secrets

( — Suppose the United States and China continue to impose regulations in the game-changing space just to serve their own national interests. In that case, the development of quantum computing might eventually lead to a “quantum arms war.”

National security experts warn that China’s recent boast that it has broken the code securing critical digital sectors, along with the nation’s claim that it is just the third country to have successfully created a quantum computer, might risk America’s most closely-held secrets.

The announcement that China has joined the United States and Canada in the field of quantum computing was first reported by “The Global Times,” a propaganda organ for the Chinese Communist Party. Origin Quantum, a Chinese company, said it delivered its machine, the Wuyuan, to an unidentified bidder last year.

According to Skip Sanzeri, QuSecure co-founder and COO, China is said to have spent over $15 billion on its quantum computing initiatives. “That is disputed, but it’s reasonable to say that China is either at our level of accomplishment in quantum computing or catching up soon.”

Sanzeri said, “This announcement is formidable because China is stating that they have a fully functional quantum computer – although the qubit count is low.” He added that this shows China is moving toward more powerful quantum computers.

China is nearly five years behind the United States, according to a new GlobalData analysis. But according to GlobalData associate analyst Benjamin Chin, “it is just a matter of time until China and the U.S. attain technological parity in quantum computing.”

Governments and businesses would collaborate to develop the technology for commercial usage in a “Quantum Summer” scenario, according to a paper released by Blue Shift at Arthur D Little, a management consulting company with offices in Brussels.

But according to the same analysis, under a “Quantum Winter” scenario, global cooperation and industry investment would decrease.

It’s evident that a race is on.

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