Clinton Foundation Supports Transplanting Wombs Into Transgender People

( — A nonprofit called the Wellcome Trust, which is publicly aligned with the Clinton Foundation, is funding an experimental study that will focus on whether a cadaver uterus can be placed into the body of a biological male so that he can procreate, according to a report from National File.

The nonprofit was reportedly present during the Clinton Global Initiative in August 2022. The National Institute for Health (NIH) published a study in 2018 titled “Uterine transplantation in transgender women” and sought to explore whether a baby can be “ethically, legally, and medically” brought to full term after the procedure.

The study concluded that the procedure will be very risky to the patient, but ultimately added that the transgender population deserves to be equally considered compared to those who are “assigned female at birth.” The study continued to suggest that not performing the surgery may be ethically and legally impermissible.

The alleged scientific study cited civil rights law to argue that refusing to operate on transgender individuals will be discrimination of their gender and included “justice and equality” as primary factors in these decisions.

While this operation poses a dangerous risk to patients, it was first reportedly done on a biological woman in 2019. The woman received the uterus from another deceased female. The patient, who was born without a uterus, was part of an ongoing trial by the Cleveland Institute and successfully delivered the first baby in North America who was born this way. The institute is also affiliated with the NIH.

But around 80 other womb transplants have occurred worldwide and followed a successful case in 2014 in Sweden when the first baby was born via a transplant. Since that time, womb transplants have resulted in 35 other babies being born.

2025 is the set date for these transplants to reach clinical trials.

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