Fox News Star Stops RFK Jr After He Calls For Peace

( — Fox News host Neil Cavuto cut off presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr as he called for peace in Ukraine. Kennedy compared the US presence in Ukraine to the Cuban missile crisis and said under his Presidency, the situation would change. He was then abruptly shut down by the host.

“We went over there being told that this was a humanitarian mission, and now President Biden is saying that we’re there because we want regime change in Russia, which is the same thing the neocons did in Iraq with catastrophic results,” Kennedy said. He added that the conflict has transformed into a proxy war between the US and Russia and Ukraine is caught in the middle and suffering immensely.

Kennedy has bucked the trend in the Democratic party and holds opinions contrary to the party line and the White House. He is a fierce opponent of mandatory vaccination and said approving lockdowns was the worst thing Donald Trump did in his Presidency. Now he is in conflict with the White House on Ukraine.

He told now former-Fox News host Tucker Carlson that the government is lying to the nation about the war and said Russia is decimating the Ukrainian army, despite the Biden administration’s insistence that the smaller nation will emerge victorious.

The nephew of John F. Kennedy lashed out at the government and its spending. He said there is a “cushy socialism” at the top and merciless capitalism at the bottom. Condemning the government for sending money to Ukraine while cutting welfare checks, he added, “The way that we do this is by printing money… and that is what causes inflation, which raises food prices and which is a tax on the poor.”

Kennedy entered the Democratic primary race in April and is already doing well in the polls. A USAToday/Suffolk University poll conducted after his announcement found that 14% of voters who backed Biden in 2020 have changed their allegiance to him.

The only other candidate in the Democratic primaries is self-help author Marianne Williamson.

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