GOP Rep Andy Biggs Will Pursue a Fresh Criminal Referral for Hunter Biden

( — Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs last week suggested that House Republicans may consider referring Hunter Biden to the Department of Justice for lying to Congress during his closed-door testimony in February.

In a July 2 appearance on the “Just the News, No Noise” broadcast, the Arizona Republican told hosts John Solomon and Amanda Head that the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees were working “behind the scenes” on a resolution to refer Hunter to the Justice Department for criminal charges.

In his closed-door testimony before the Oversight and Judiciary Committees, the president’s son denied having any involvement with Burnham Securities, the asset management firm that was embroiled in a 2016 fraud case involving Hunter’s former business partner Devon Archer.

However, documents obtained last month show that Biden was involved with Burnham Securities at the time of the fraud investigation.

Biggs told “Just the News, No Noise” that he and his team hoped to work with others on the Oversight and Judiciary Committees to prepare a new criminal referral. He conceded that Hunter Biden would likely argue that he was not under oath at the time he denied his involvement with Burnham, but argued that witnesses are not permitted to lie to Congress and Hunter lied “overtly.”

The Arizona Republican also gave an update on a proposed resolution Missouri Republican Rep. Eric Burlison introduced last month that would effectively delegitimize the former January 6 select committee.

Biggs admitted that there had been some resistance to the resolution from Republican lawmakers and said that he wasn’t sure how much longer it would be before some action was taken on the measure.

The resolution, which was introduced on June 18, would rescind the subpoenas that the January 6 committee sent to Peter Navarro, Mark Meadows, Dan Scavino, and Steve Bannon. It would also withdraw the House’s recommendation to the Justice Department that the four men be charged with contempt of Congress for defying the subpoenas.

Navarro and Bannon are each currently serving a four-month sentence after being convicted of contempt of Congress.

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