Immigration Watchdog Says Biden Provides “Neither Investment Nor Solutions” On The Border

( — A non-partisan immigration advocacy group is warning that President Biden’s recent executive action aimed at addressing the flood of illegals currently crossing the border will not lead to “greater order or security.”

The White House claimed that the president’s June 4 order would suspend the processing of asylum claims at points of entry along the border when the daily average exceeds 2,500. The suspension would remain in effect for 14 days once the daily average dropped below 1,500 encounters. It would also allow immigration officials to more swiftly deport foreign nationals who enter the country illegally.

In an analysis of the president’s order, the research and advocacy group the American Immigration Council said it is unlikely that the current emergency would be lifted in the foreseeable future unless there was an “unprecedented and sudden break in border trends.”

According to the Council, the monthly average in five of the last six fiscal years exceeded 1,500 encounters a day “in every month but one.”

The non-partisan group argued that the president’s order would create an asylum system that does not rely on the strength of each asylum-seeker’s claim “but on the number of border crossings.”

If the president wants success on his “own terms,” the administration would have to “stop people from fleeing their homes” by making it more difficult for those who have already arrived at the US border, the group explained.

However, the group said the US should instead strengthen its asylum process to provide “new pathways” for asylum seekers so that they do not have to make the journey to the southern border.

American Immigration Council Executive Director Jeremy Robbins said in a statement that the president’s order would not solve “the chaos at our southern border.” He said that for those who worry about the current influx of migrants into the US, the president’s order “is not the answer.”

Robbins called for more investment in asylum officers and immigration judges, as well as expanding access to the legal ports of entry. He said the US must enact policies “that recognize the massive role immigrants play” in making the country “more prosperous.”

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