US College Students Congratulated By Ayatollah Khamenei For “Standing On The Right Side Of History”

( — In a letter addressed to pro-Hamas college protesters, echoed in a series of social media posts, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei last week voiced his support for their movement and assured them that they were “standing on the right side of history.”

The leader of the largest state sponsor of terrorism told the pro-Hamas demonstrators that their “branch of the Resistance Front” was engaged in an “honorable struggle” against the US government, “which openly supports the usurper and brutal Zionist regime.”

Khamenei’s letter accused Israel of committing “genocide” in Gaza and described the Jewish state as “apartheid.” He lauded the pro-Hamas protesters for their “courageous defense” of Palestinians and praised the university professors who have shown “solidarity,” which he called a “significant and consequential development.”

Ironically, Khamenei, whose regime uses the police to violently crackdown on anti-government protests, commiserated with the protesters over the “police brutality” they have faced and said he empathized with them and valued their “perseverance.”

The Ayatollah also encouraged the pro-Hamas protesters to familiarize themselves with the Koran.

He assured the protesters that “circumstances are changing.” He explained that people worldwide were awakening and “truth is coming to light.” He noted that, in addition to the protests on US college campuses, anti-Israel “uprisings” were also happening at universities in other countries.

In response to Khamenei’s praise, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson said in a post on X that if “you’ve won the Ayatollah, you’ve lost America.”

The Ayatollah’s support for pro-Hamas protesters in the US comes as France, Germany, and the UK circulated the draft of a resolution against Iran ahead of the upcoming International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) board meeting, despite opposition by the Biden administration.

The administration fears that the resolution could escalate tensions in the region while complicating things for the president ahead of the November election.

A senior European official confirmed that the three countries were pushing the US to support the resolution against Iran and said that the Biden administration remained “stuck in the thinking that nothing should be done to escalate” tensions with Iran.

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