Voters Will Be Asked To Decide The Abortion Issue At The Ballot Box

( — Measures to enshrine abortion in state constitutions will appear on the ballot in both Arizona and Florida this November and recent polling shows that voters in the states support the amendments by a wide margin.

A recent CBS News/YouGov poll found that 65 percent of Arizona voters support adding abortion protections to the state constitution, while only 21 percent oppose the measure. In Florida, 60 percent of voters support the ballot initiative, while only 20 percent are opposed.

Even 43 percent of Republican voters in both Arizona and Florida favor the abortion amendments.

While the Florida measure has already been approved for the November ballot, in Arizona, organizers are still compiling the signatures needed to get the measure on the ballot. However, organizers are confident they will secure the signatures required.

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June 2022, abortion initiatives have appeared on seven state ballots and voters approved all seven, even in red states like Kentucky, Montana, Ohio, and Kansas.

In the states that already approved abortion amendments to their constitutions, voter support for the ballot measures outpaced voter support for Biden in 2020. The Ohio ballot initiative outperformed Biden’s 2020 vote share by over 11 points.

Based on the current polling, support for the ballot initiatives is on pace to outperform Biden’s vote share in both Arizona (by 16 points) and Florida (by 12 points).

The Florida Supreme Court in April cleared the way for the state’s law limiting abortion to the first six weeks of pregnancy.

Meanwhile, the Arizona high court reinstated the 1864 law that banned abortion. Arizona lawmakers acted quickly to repeal the 1864 law and the repeal was signed into law by Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs.

The repeal is not expected to take effect until 90 days after the current legislative session ends this summer. In the meantime, the current law limiting abortion to the first 15 weeks of pregnancy will remain in place.

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