Action Movie Villain Helped Spur Joe Biden’s Latest Executive Order, Says Chief Of Staff

( — This week, President Biden signed an executive order on artificial intelligence requiring the AI industry to develop safety and security standards while directing the relevant federal agencies to create guidelines and standards for the emerging technology.

According to the Associated Press, the president’s concerns over the technology were further spurred after he saw the film “Mission: Impossible—Dead Reckoning Part One.”

Deputy Chief of Staff Bruce Reed told the Associated Press that the president was “impressed and alarmed” after seeing AI images of himself and his dog. But it was when he watched the latest “Mission: Impossible” film while spending a weekend at Camp David that Biden’s concern over the technology grew.

The villain in the film is a rogue artificial intelligence called “The Entity,” that, in the opening of the movie, sinks a submarine, killing the crew.

Reed told the Associated Press that if President Biden hadn’t “already been concerned” about artificial intelligence, watching the film gave him “plenty more to worry about.”

The president’s order builds on the voluntary commitments that technology companies have already made. Through the use of the Defense Production Act, the president will require AI developers to share their results of safety tests with the federal government.

The president also directed the National Institute of Standards and Technology to establish a set of standards that would ensure that AI tools are fully safe and secure before being released to the public.

The order also directs the Commerce Department to develop guidelines on adding watermarks and labels to AI-generated content to make it easier to distinguish from authentic content.

Government agencies will be expected to implement their directives within 90 to 365 days, with items related to safety and security being given top priority.

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