Diplomats From Other Nations Are Leaving Because of What Israel Is Doing in Gaza

(PatriotWise.com) — A growing number of nations are withdrawing their diplomats from Israel as its conflict with Hamas in the Gaza Strip continues.

Several of those nations have also completely suspended diplomatic relations with the country. Most of them have been Islamic nations in and near the Middle East.

However, more Latin American and South African nations are withdrawing diplomats as well. The nations of Chile and Honduras have joined the African nations of Chad and South Africa in withdrawing diplomats.

Most of the dissenting nations claim that Israel’s efforts have led to a humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. The UN has said that operations to help civilians are “hanging by a thread” due to a critical lack of supplies.

However, supporters of Israel have also pointed to an admission by Hamas that the terrorist group is intentionally using Palestinian civilians as “human shields” as part of its strategy. The stunning revelation was revealed during an interview with senior Hamas official Abu Marzouk. The group intentionally limited the number of bomb shelters throughout the Gaza Strip so that it could more effectively use civilian casualties to garner international support, according to Marzouk and other members.

The Israeli government said that it will not agree to a temporary ceasefire until hostages have been released. Hamas has kidnapped hundreds of civilians from Israel, most of whom were captured during the initial surprise attack last month. Many of those hostages have since been killed.

However, Israel has said that it will allow localized humanitarian pauses in some cities for up to 4 hours each day after political pressure from the US. During that time, humanitarian workers will be able to assist displaced civilians. Israel will choose which areas receive the humanitarian pauses.

The Israeli Defense Force also clarified that it will resume fighting within the four-hour window if Hamas attacks. The nation has promised to completely destroy the terrorist group.

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