Man Reportedly Assaults A Parishioner Before Leading Police On A Pursuit

( — On Sunday, a man led police on a dangerous car chase over the Bay Bridge, during which he tossed possible “improvised” incendiary devices out of the vehicle, ABC7 reported.

The incident began at San Francisco’s well-known Saints Peter and Paul Church near Washington Square Park when an unknown man allegedly assaulted a parishioner before being chased out of the church.

Police responding to the subsequent 911 call about the assault arrived at the church at approximately 5:52 p.m. when they spotted the suspect and attempted to apprehend him.

The suspect quickly fled the scene in a vehicle, with officers in pursuit.

When the suspect first drove away, he tossed an unknown object out of the vehicle window at the officers. During the subsequent police chase, the suspect tossed additional “suspicious devices” from the vehicle in the area around Mission and 8th streets in the city before making his way onto the freeway, where units from the California Highway Patrol took over the pursuit.

The suspect was eventually apprehended in Martinez.

According to the Highway Patrol, while the suspect did not continue throwing anything out of his car once on the freeway, CHP officers found possible incendiary devices inside the vehicle at the time of his arrest.

San Francisco police said there were no reports of property damage or injuries from the incident. However, members of the public were warned to avoid the area around Mission and 8th streets and the 1500 block of Jones Street while police searched the area for possible incendiary devices.

The public was also asked to contact 911 immediately if they come across any suspicious device and not attempt to approach or move it.

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