Activist Poses as a Youngster on the Internet To Catch Suspected Child Predators

( — A social media influencer in Southern California has been targeting child predators online, KTLA reported.

Known as “Black Biden,” the TikTok influencer told KTLA that he has made it his mission to protect minors since the criminal justice system has not done enough.

According to KTLA, Black Biden launched his own online sting operation in which he poses as an underage child on social media to set up possible child predators by enticing them into meeting with him. If a predator agrees to a meeting, Black Biden contacts the police and then films the arrest.

In one video posted on his Instagram account, a suspected predator tries to flee from officers from the Long Beach Police Department through a Carl’s Jr. restaurant. The officers eventually tackled the suspect, 41-year-old Cody Lane Oreiro. He was charged with resisting arrest and arranging a meeting with a child for lewd purposes.

Black Biden told KTLA that he had snared around 156 suspects in the last year. He said some of the predators caught in his sting have been convicted, but added that the laws still aren’t “strict enough for these guys.”

According to Black Biden, Oreiro believed that he was going to Carl’s Jr. to meet with a 15-year-old boy.

As part of his sting operation, Black Biden has set up accounts both on dating sites and the social media platforms “kids tend to use.” The account profiles are set up to make it appear that the user is a young person. Eventually, a predator will take the bait and begin texting the user.

He further explained that after contact is made, the predator is told that the user isn’t 18 but younger. If the predator doesn’t back off after learning that the “child” is younger than 18, Black Biden will arrange a meet-up and then call the police.

Asked why he does this, the man calling himself Black Biden says his goal is to protect children.

When asked how long his sting operation would continue, he told KTLA that he would keep it up until the laws protecting children from predators get stricter.

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