House Democrats Pledge Support To Keep Speaker Johnson In Place

( — The Democrats will not help oust the Speaker of the House this time around if a motion to vacate the chair is brought to a vote.

House Democrat leaders on Tuesday said they would vote to retain Speaker Mike Johnson if the motion proposed by Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene comes up for a vote.

The Democrats were instrumental in helping Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz and seven other Republicans oust former Speaker Kevin McCarthy in October. However, this time around, Democratic leadership said the Republicans would be on their own.

The top House Democrats said in a Tuesday statement that with the completion of the work on the supplemental foreign aid package, it was time “to turn the page on this chapter of Pro-Putin Republican obstruction.”

The leadership said the House Democrats would vote to table the motion and warned that if Rep. Greene invokes her motion to vacate, it would not succeed.

Without the help of Democratic lawmakers, Greene and the handful of Republicans who are backing her motion would be unable to get the votes needed to overcome Republican opposition and oust Johnson.

While Greene has not forced a vote on her motion to vacate, she told reporters last month that she was starting the clock on the process.

After the speaker proceeded with votes on aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan, two other Republican lawmakers, Thomas Massie (R-KY) and Paul Gosar (R-AZ), signed on as co-sponsors to Greene’s motion.

However, most Republicans have no interest in repeating the disruption and divisions that followed the removal of Kevin McCarthy, especially so close to the election.

In a closed-door session on Tuesday, Republican members heard from RNC Chairman Michael Whatley and discussed ways to unify the party ahead of November.

According to Kentucky Republican Andy Barr, Whatley told the House GOP that Donald Trump wanted a “unified Republican majority.”

Despite the calls for unity and the lack of Democratic support, Rep. Greene vowed to bring the motion to a floor vote next week.

She told reporters on Wednesday that Republicans needed leaders in the House who would “get this done” and suggested that Speaker Johnson was not the leader to do it.

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