Biden Warns Bibi To Change Gaza Policy Or Face Consequences

( — Israel approved opening three additional corridors for humanitarian aid into Gaza following President Biden’s April 4 call with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, CBS News reported.

During the call, the president described the April 1 strike that killed seven aid workers from the World Central Kitchen as “unacceptable” and warned the prime minister that the US’s position on the war would depend on Israel’s efforts to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, according to the readout from the White House.

Israel will reopen the Erez Crossing in northern Gaza. Additionally, deliveries of humanitarian aid will be permitted through the Port of Ashdod, while trucks from Jordan will be allowed to travel through Israel into Gaza from the Karem Shalom border crossing.

The Israeli Cabinet said in a statement that the additional corridors would “prevent a humanitarian crisis” while ensuring that the fighting could continue “to achieve the goals of the war.”

According to the White House, the president made it clear to Prime Minister Netanyahu that Israel needed to implement “specific, concrete, and measurable steps” to ensure the safety of civilians and aid workers and address humanitarian suffering.

Biden also called for an “immediate ceasefire,” which the White House claimed was “essential to stabilize and improve the humanitarian situation.” He also urged Netanyahu to “empower his negotiators” to reach a deal with Hamas to return the hostages.

At last Thursday’s White House press briefing, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby would not detail what the changes in US policy would be, only saying that if Israel did not change its policy or approaches, there would “have to be changes in ours.”

The Israel Defense Forces announced on Friday that two officers were dismissed and another three were reprimanded for their roles in the drone attack that killed the aid workers.

The IDF said the officers violated the rules of engagement and mishandled critical information.

In a statement summarizing the findings from retired general Yoav Har-Even’s investigation, the IDF said the officers who approved the drone strike believed they were “targeting armed Hamas operatives” and not World Central Kitchen workers.

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