Hotter-Than-Usual Summer Is Expected To Threaten The United States And Many Other Parts Of The World, Say Scientists

( — In what has become an annual tradition, news outlets are reporting that the upcoming summer is expected to be hotter than usual.

USA Today reported last weekend that the 2024 summer forecast map released by NOAA predicts that the entire continental United States is in for warmer-than-average temperatures from June through August.

Axios also landed on the NOAA forecast map to warn of the “major public health threat” posed by extreme heat.

According to NOAA’s predictions, the summer of 2024 will likely bring high temperatures to the Northeastern United States and a large portion of the West.

Meanwhile, the Weather Channel predicts the country could be facing an “abnormally hot summer.”

The Weather Channel’s Dr. Todd Crawford, the vice president of meteorology at Atmospheric G2, said long-range models suggest that the upcoming summer could be one of the hottest on record.

According to NOAA, the hottest recorded summers in the United States were in 2021 and 1936.

While NOAA and the Weather Channel are predicting massive heat, AccuWeather forecasters told USA Today that the summer of 2024 would likely be milder than usual, with only some high temperatures expected in the Southwest and Northeast.

Anthony Artusa, a meteorologist with NOAA, told USA Today that a waning El Niño coupled with a developing La Niña played a significant role in NOAA’s summer forecast. The current trend of above-average temperatures also played a part in predicting this summer’s weather, particularly in the Northeast.

Michelle L’Heureux from NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center told Axios that climate change would have more of an impact on summer temperatures than El Niño or La Niña.

NOAA predicts that no area of the continental United States will experience cooler-than-average temperatures during the months of June through August. However, the northern Plains states could be spared from the hotter-than-average temperatures.

Hotter-than-average temperatures were also predicted for the summer of 2022 and the summer of 2023.

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