Jessica Seinfeld Contributes $5,000 To Pro-Israel Rally at UCLA

( — A group called Bear Jews of Truth is raising money in support of the UCLA pro-Israel rally on GoFundMe. According to reports, comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s wife, Jessica, was among those who contributed to the fundraising campaign that has so far raised more than $92,000. It comes at a crucial time for the UCLA community.

Violence broke out between pro-Palestine and pro-Israel demonstrators on UCLA’s campus over the weekend after they breached the barrier school officials set up to separate the dueling protests.

According to UCLA vice chancellor Mary Osako, the protestors engaged in “physical altercations” after the barrier was breached. Osako lauded the school’s “long history” of peaceful protests and expressed heartbreak over the violence that erupted last Sunday.

The pro-Israel counter-demonstration was organized by the United Jewish Coalition along with other groups, including the Israeli American Council, in response to ongoing protests by pro-Hamas groups. The university did not say which group breached the barrier.

The Israeli American Council said the counter-demonstration, which began Sunday at 11:00 a.m., was to show support for UCLA’s Jewish students. The group had also attempted to obtain a permit to host an event immediately after the October 7 terrorist attacks, but the permit was denied. It reapplied for a permit after UCLA allowed pro-Palestine protesters to form an encampment on campus. This time, the permit was approved.

The clashes between the two groups continued on Monday after counter-demonstrators attempted to breach the pro-Hamas encampment, which has blocked access to Royce Quad.

University police quickly forced the counter-protesters away from the encampment.

Earlier in the day, the counter-protesters played loud music in front of the encampment and shouted at pro-Hamas protesters using a megaphone. The demonstrators also set up a large screen outside of the encampment that showed footage from the October 7 terrorist attacks.

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block said in a statement that while many of the demonstrators “have been peaceful,” some of the tactics used by others in the groups were “shocking and shameful.”

Block called out the pro-Palestine protesters who were physically blocking students on their way to classes and said that and other violent incidents were “completely at odds” with UCLA’s “values.”

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