Lara Trump Releases Original Single, Promises Future Releases

( — Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, who fancies herself a singer, last Friday released her second single and threatened “the liberal media” that there would be more to come, The Hill reported.

Trump, who is married to the former president’s son Eric, announced her new single “Anything is Possible” on social media last Thursday. In her announcement, Lara Trump said she had come up with the song in the winter and would be releasing others in the future for her “fans in the liberal media.”

Mrs. Trump launched her foray into music last year, releasing a cover version of the Tom Petty hit “I Won’t Back Down.”

Another version of the song that went viral on social media digitally altered Trump’s voice to make it sound off-key.

The altered clip was from Lara’s performance of “I Won’t Back Down” during an appearance on Australia’s Sky News.

However, the original Sky News performance, available on YouTube, shows that Mrs. Trump did not sing it off-key.

Trump’s new single “Anything is Possible” centers around faith, urging her listeners that if they “have faith” and “believe,” then “anything is possible.”

Lara Trump told Breitbart News in a statement that writing the song, which is available on Spotify, Apple iTunes, and other streaming platforms, had been her latest “creative outlet,” one that she hoped to explore further once the election was over.

Mrs. Trump said she enjoyed “every aspect” of the music business and was “excited” to be able to share her love of music with the world.

Trump, who was elected the co-chair of the Republican National Committee last month, said her focus over the next eight months would be on her new position at the RNC. After the election, she planned to “jump back into this space” and record new songs.

In response to Trump’s latest release, the DNC quickly released a single of its own titled, “Party’s Fallin’ Down,” created using artificial intelligence.

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