LeBron James Gives Retirement Hint

(PatriotWise.com) — LeBron James might be heading out of the NBA soon after he signaled that he is thinking about the future of his career, according to Fox News. James is soon to be 39 years old and has already achieved a sizable record since his time as a professional. He is the association’s all-time scoring leader, a 19-time All-NBA First-Team selection, and a four-time NBA MVP and champion.

But with James’ recent injuries as he heads into his 40s, he expressed his disappointment about not being there for his teammates as much as he would have liked. He said that “availability” is what it is all about for him at this time, adding that this season has been “challenging” for him.

James did his best in the Lakers’ game 4 loss against Denver. He scored 40 points in under 50 minutes, with 31 of those points being scored in the first half. He has reportedly been hampered by a right foot tendon injury. After the game, James said that he was going to have more imaging for his foot.

He said that an MRI will make it clear whether it has healed or not. “We’ll see what happens,” James said.

But James also said that he has a lot to think about when it comes to playing basketball, signifying that he might be approaching his retirement. He is currently in a two-year contract with the Lakers, receiving $46.9 million next season and another $50 million from 2024-2025 if he decides to continue playing.

Meanwhile, James’ son Bronny is eyeing the NBA as well but has another year to go. The 18-year-old is playing for the University of Southern California and is reportedly ranked 33rd in his class. LeBron has said that he wants to play with his son when he enters the league.

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