Missing From Trump’s Super Tuesday Wins: Melania

(PatriotWise.com) — President Joe Biden and Donald Trump both scored significant victories during the Super Tuesday primaries, each winning all but one contest held on March 5, CBS News reported.

The president racked up wins in all 16 states, including delegate-rich Texas, California, North Carolina, and Virginia. However, Biden lost the caucus in the US territory of American Samoa, where little-known entrepreneur Jason Palmer pulled off a surprise win.

Trump challenger Nikki Haley deprived the former president of a sweep by besting him in Vermont, her second primary victory following her win in the Washington, D.C., primary last weekend.

Despite losing Vermont, Trump’s victories in the other 15 states brought his delegate count to 1,050. A total of 1,215 delegates is all that is needed to secure the GOP nomination.

At his victory party at Mar-a-Lago, Trump boasted that March 5 was called “Super Tuesday for a reason.”

Anti-Trump social media influencer Aaron Rupar was quick to note the absence of Melania Trump at Trump’s victory party. The reclusive former first lady has been noticeably missing from the campaign trail ever since Trump first launched his 2024 campaign in November 2022.

During a recent Fox News town hall hosted by Laura Ingraham, Trump suggested that Melania would be joining him on the campaign trail at some point, saying, “She’s going to be out a lot.”

With Trump’s nomination all but certain, Nikki Haley officially suspended her campaign on Wednesday.

While she congratulated Trump on his Super Tuesday victories, Haley stopped short of endorsing the former president. Instead, she urged Trump to win over the moderate and independent voters that made up her base of support.

Speaking to supporters in Charleston, South Carolina, Haley said it was up to Trump to earn the votes of Republicans and other voters who do not support him. She said that she hoped Trump would make the effort, explaining that politics should be about “bringing people into your cause, not turning them away.”

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