Despite Public Differences, Trump And Desantis Meet Quietly In Miami

( — Donald Trump privately met with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Sunday, as his presidential campaign is desperate to raise campaign cash.

Allies of the two Republicans brokered Sunday’s private meeting, hoping to bridge the divide that deepened after DeSantis challenged Trump in the GOP primary. Sources say Trump’s advisors supported the meeting, if for no other reason than to tap the popular Republican governor’s network of donors as Trump lags far behind President Biden in campaign fundraising.

The two met for several hours in what was described as a friendly meeting in which the governor agreed to help boost Trump’s dwindling campaign coffers by tapping into his vast network of donors.

Sunday’s private confab was arranged by Florida real estate investor Steve Witkoff, who contacted Trump’s campaign and asked if the former president would meet with the popular governor.

The two Republicans had not spoken since before DeSantis dropped out of the GOP primary and endorsed Trump following a second-place finish in Iowa.

However, since leaving the race, the Florida governor has not campaigned for or aided Trump’s run.

While the two Republicans have never been considered close, Trump did endorse DeSantis in his 2018 run for governor and often praised his leadership during the pandemic. Before DeSantis became a threat to Trump’s presidential hopes, the former president viewed the governor as a rising star in the Republican Party.

During the bruising primary campaign, Trump reportedly told his advisors that he wanted to damage DeSantis enough to keep him from running again in 2028. However, with the primary effectively over and his criminal trials underway, sources in the Trump campaign say the former president was amenable to having DeSantis help him raise campaign cash.

The Florida governor recently held an event for wealthy donors at a Florida resort. Sources close to DeSantis said he is considering another run for president in 2028.

At the event, DeSantis said he would be willing to help Trump raise money for the general election.

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