Mother Still Missing After Falling Off Cruise Ship

( — The body of the 64-year-old woman who fell from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship last Monday as it was from Malaysia to Singapore still has not been recovered, the New York Post reported.

Jakesh Sahani, 70, who was vacationing with his wife Reeta, 64, aboard the Spectrum of the Seas said he woke up late at night to discover his wife was missing, according to the Straits Times.

The Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) in Singapore said the ship’s overboard detection system recorded something going overboard. The Maritime Rescue Coordination Center was then notified around 7:50 am last Monday that a passenger fell overboard in the Singapore Strait.

In a statement, the MPA said Maritime Rescue was coordinating the search and had issued a broadcast to vessels in the Singapore Strait to keep an eye out for the missing woman.

Reeta’s son Apoorv Sahani told the Straits Times that his mother was unable to swim. Expressing doubt that she jumped overboard, Apoorv said he believes that she might be “stuck” on the ship somewhere.

He said the family has asked to see the surveillance footage from the ship but has not received anything as yet confirming that Reeta was the one who went overboard.

In a tweet last Monday, Apoorv complained that Royal Caribbean is refusing to share the CCTV footage and was “washing their hands” of the incident.

The Sahanis, who are from India, were on the last day of the cruise when the incident took place. Reeta would have turned 65 last Tuesday.

In an emailed statement to the New York Post, Royal Caribbean said the incident was immediately reported to local authorities who launched a “search and rescue operation.” Royal Caribbean said the crew of the Spectrum of the Seas was cooperating with local authorities while its “Care team” is offering support and assistance to the Sanahi family.

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