Trump Vows To End To Pro-Palestinian Demonstrations If Reelected

( — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump recently told a group of Jewish donors that he would crack down on campus unrest by deporting the foreign students who have been protesting in support of Hamas.

According to some of the donors who attended the May 14 roundtable discussion in New York, Trump said one thing he would do to the foreign students protesting on campus is to “throw them out of the country.” He said once those on student visas knew they would be deported, “they’re going to behave.”

Trump’s comments echoed those of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who in April said of the violence at Columbia University that the protesters in the US on a student visa should be deported.

When one donor at the roundtable discussion noted that many of the professors and students supporting Hamas may one day hold positions in the federal government, Trump described the protesters as part of a broader “radical revolution” and vowed to defeat them as president.

Trump also praised the NYPD and the other police forces nationwide who cleared the universities of the violent protesters and said that the violence “has to be stopped now.”

Trump added that the radical left movement in the United States would be set back 30 years if he returned to the White House next year.

Since the campus protests began in mid-April, more than 3,000 protesters have been arrested.

Trump also reiterated his support for Israel, telling the donors that Israel had a right to continue its war against Hamas. He also listed his administration’s policies and accomplishments in the Middle East and Israel.

However, the former president didn’t get into specifics about how he would deal with the rising tensions in the Middle East or how he would approach Israel. He did ensure the donors that Hamas would never have launched the October 7 terrorist attacks if he had still been president.

In a recent interview with Time magazine, Trump rejected the idea of a two-state solution, saying it wouldn’t work.

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