Ukraine Tight-Lipped As Moscow Suffers More Drone Strikes

( — On Sunday, Russia’s Defense Ministry said at least three Ukrainian drones were destroyed while attempting to attack Moscow, the New York Times reported.

According to the Defense Ministry, one drone was destroyed in Odintsovo outside of the capital, while two others crashed into commercial buildings after Russian air defenses intercepted them.

Sergey Sobyanin said in a Telegram post that no injuries were reported.

Video footage on Russian state media showed one of Moscow’s skyscrapers sustained damage.

While Ukraine does not ordinarily take responsibility for attacks on Russian soil, senior officials in Kyiv said last week that the recent drone attacks in Moscow were orchestrated by Ukraine.

In his Sunday evening address, President Volodymyr Zelenky did not mention the drone strike but did say that the war is gradually “returning to the territory of Russia,” an action he described as “inevitable, natural, and absolutely fair.”

While attacks on Moscow have increased, so far, they have caused no deaths.

The first drone attacks, on the Kremlin compound, occurred in early May. These were followed by drone attacks on an upscale neighborhood in Moscow at the end of May.

There were at least three drone attacks on Moscow in July.

The Moscow skyscraper that was damaged in Sunday’s attack is the prominent Moscow City building that houses government ministry offices, as well as offices for tech and finance companies, and features a restaurant on the 89th floor with panoramic views of the capital.

After Sunday’s drone attacks, Yuri Ihnat, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force, neither confirmed nor denied responsibility, saying only that Russia “got what they wanted.”

Hours before the drone attacks, Russian President Vladimir Putin was in St. Petersburg attending the annual Navy Day parade.

In his speech, Putin praised the heroism of the Russian naval forces involved in the invasion of Ukraine, comparing them to the heroic seamen who helped defeat the Nazis.

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