Xi Jinping Identifies Myriad Reasons To Improve Chinese-American Relations

(PatriotWise.com) — A bipartisan delegation of US senators led by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer arrived in China this weekend, marking the first visit by a congressional delegation in four years, CNBC reported.

The delegation of three Republican and three Democratic senators touched down in Shanghai on Saturday afternoon. Leading the Republican members is Senate Finance Committee ranking member Mike Crapo (R-ID).

When asked what he expected out of the visit, Senator Schumer said he hoped it would prove to be productive.

In a statement early last week, Beijing said it hoped the visit would pave the way for a “more objective understanding of China” within the United States Congress.

On Friday, the Commerce Department added 42 Chinese companies, along with entities from seven other countries, to a government export control list for supplying US-made semiconductors Russia is using for drones and missile guidance systems in its war against Ukraine. American companies are not permitted to export to companies or entities on the Commerce Department list without first obtaining a special license.

China’s Commerce Ministry on Saturday described Washington’s action as “a typical act of economic coercion and unilateral bullying.”

According to the Senate Majority Leader’s office, the delegation’s visit would focus on the need for trade reciprocity from Beijing for American business and on maintaining US leadership in advanced technologies. Senator Schumer also hopes to discuss several issues with Chinese officials, including the production of fentanyl in China, human rights, and the country’s role in the international community.

The delegation hopes to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing.

A successful visit could help lay the groundwork for when President Biden meets with President Xi during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting next month in San Francisco.

The delegation will proceed to South Korea and Japan after leaving China.

Accompanying Senators Schumer and Crapo on the visit are Democrats Jon Ossof of Georgia and Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire, and Louisiana Republicans John Kennedy and Bill Cassidy.

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