Zelenskyy Predicts Putin’s Death Before Winning Ukraine

(PatriotWise.com) — In a recent interview, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin would likely be dead in ten years and could not survive a long war with his country, the Kyiv Post reported.

Zelenskyy appeared on Brazil’s GloboNews last week where he was asked if Ukraine could face the same fate as Syria where Russian forces have been fighting since 2015.

The Ukrainian president dismissed the question, noting that Putin would not live that long. He said Putin did not fight at the same pace in Syria that he is fighting in Ukraine, adding that the Russian president wouldn’t be able to “withstand it.”

Zelenskyy said Putin won’t be alive in 30 years and is unlikely to survive another ten, adding, “He’s not the same figure anymore.”

Zelenskyy also pointed out that the entire Russian army has been deployed in Ukraine and suggested that Ukraine has already broken its back, leaving it diminished and weakened.

While Moscow is hoping for a pause in the conflict to build up resources, gain political support, and lift sanctions, Zelenskyy said Ukraine would not allow that to happen. He said his country will take any actions necessary to stop Russia from regaining its footing.

On Monday evening, Russian forces launched a series of attacks on the eastern city of Pokrovsk, killing at least five, including an emergency worker responding to the first attack, the New York Post reported.

At least 31 others were injured in Monday’s shelling, including one child and over a dozen police officers, according to Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs, Ihor Kylmenko.

In a post on the messaging app Telegram, Kylmenko praised the first responders who first arrived on the scene, calling them “heroes.”

The Security Service of Ukraine revealed in a statement on Monday that it had detained a woman from Mykolaiv for attempting to gather intel on President Zelenskyy’s movements on behalf of the Russians, the Times reported.

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