A Sports Writer Is Questioning Donald Trump’s Golf Victories, Claiming He Cheats

(PatriotWise.com) — Donald Trump was the target of mockery, including from President Biden, after he announced on Sunday that he won two of his golf club’s awards, The Hill reported.

In a March 24 post on Truth Social, Trump said it was his honor to win the Trump International Golf Club’s club championship and senior club championship trophies.

The former president described the Palm Beach course as “GREAT and difficult” and said he was excited to be with the “large and distinguished group” that would be at the awards night when he won his trophies.

In a sarcastic post on X, President Biden shared a screen capture of Trump’s post and congratulated the former president, describing it as “quite the accomplishment.”

Sports writer Rick Reilly, the author of the book “Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump,” said in a post on X that Trump should “call us” if he ever won playing on a golf course he didn’t own or operate.

Trump has a history of overstating his golf prowess, and as Reilly noted, all of Trump’s wins occur on golf courses he owns.

Last year, he boasted about winning the Senior Golf Club Championship at his West Palm Beach tournament, even though he didn’t play the first round.

In his 2019 book “Commander in Cheat,” Reilly suggested that Trump’s cheating included throwing, booting, and moving the ball. He said Trump “lies about his lies” and “fudges,” “foozles,” and “fluffs.”

According to Reilly, the caddies at Winged Foot Club nicknamed Trump “Pele” because of how often he kicks the ball back onto the fairway.

In a statement to The Hill, the Trump campaign hit back at President Biden for his snarky comment, accusing the president of being “jealous” of Trump’s physical abilities.

A Trump campaign spokesman described Biden as physically “an embarrassment,” citing the president falling from his bike, “whiffing on golf balls,” and “falling on his ass in front of the world.”

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