Biden Campaign Staffer Blasted For Poorly Timed Ad

( — At the very moment Donald Trump’s motorcade arrived at the Fulton County Jail, where he surrendered to authorities on charges related to his attempts to overturn Georgia’s election results, Joe Biden’s X account posted a call for campaign donations.

In the post, Biden linked to the campaign fundraising page and said, “Apropos of nothing, I think today’s a great day to give to my campaign.”

Unsurprisingly, the timing of the post outraged Republicans, who quickly noted that the post appeared to contradict the White House’s denials that the prosecution of Donald Trump is politically motivated.

On Sunday, while appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” Biden campaign co-chair Cedric Richmond dismissed the timing of the post.

Host Martha Raddatz read the President’s tweet and pointed out that the timing was “not particularly subtle.” She asked Richmond if the Biden campaign planned to use the former president’s mounting legal problems as part of its reelection strategy.

Richmond said it wasn’t part of the strategy and dismissed concerns over the timing, arguing that campaign messages like this are sent out “five or six” times a day. He suggested that Raddatz shouldn’t “read much” into the timing of the post.

Raddatz also grilled Richmond on how the campaign plans to deal with messaging on the economy given polling that shows the president’s approval of handling the economy remains underwater.

Richmond said the campaign would continue highlighting the Biden administration’s successes. He added that polling on the economy varies depending on the questions voters are asked. He argued that polls show that Americans are satisfied with their wages and jobs, but said when the polls ask about the broader economy, it prompts different answers.

When asked how the campaign plans to deal with Republican criticism over President Biden’s advancing age, Richmond said the Democrat would turn the focus back to the issues “Americans are talking about.”

He said Democrats will deflect the age issue by talking about other things, like bringing the cost of insulin down, or by attacking Republicans for banning books but not assault weapons.

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