Doctors Rule Out Stroke For John Fetterman

( — Senator John Fetterman’s office sent a statement Thursday night: “About an hour ago, Senator John Fetterman got the findings of his MRI.”

After a Senate Democrat retreat in Washington on Wednesday evening, Fetterman allegedly felt dizzy. His staff then transported him to The George Washington University Hospital, where he was being watched.

Fetterman also hears voices that resemble the grownups from the animated “Peanuts” cartoons, whose incomprehensible language was created with a muted trombone.

According to a Time magazine article published last week, the Senate has so far provided Fetterman various accommodations, such as setting up a live captioned monitor on his desk in the Senate chamber and giving him a wifi tablet to use during committee hearings. He has fluctuating hearing problems that often worsen when under pressure.

Fetterman, the Pennsylvania senator who had a stroke while campaigning last year, had tests performed after being admitted to the hospital on Wednesday night, and the senator’s doctors confirmed on Thursday that there were no symptoms of a further stroke.

On Wednesday night, his communications director, Joe Calvello, said Fetterman was “in excellent spirits and interacting with his staff and family.”

“A new stroke has been ruled out, according to John’s physicians at The George Washington University Hospital, based on the outcomes of the MRI and all other tests they conducted. He is being observed using an EEG (electroencephalogram) in case of any early seizure indications.”

No schedule has been provided for how long Fetterman will be hospitalized.

Four days before winning the Democratic primary, 53-year-old Fetterman had a stroke while campaigning in May. He spent much of his time recuperating and was seldom ever seen campaigning. But he still beat Pat Toomey’s opponent, Republican Mehmet Oz, in the midterm elections.

Due to the stroke’s aftereffects, Fetterman has trouble speaking and understanding inquiries unless they are written down or typed out. According to reports, the Senate installed a closed-captioning system to aid him in his work.

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