DOJ Slaps Hunter Biden With Multiple New Charges

( — Hunter Biden, the president’s son, faces more legal trouble as the Department of Justice (DOJ) throws in additional charges. Already charged with gun crimes in Delaware, Hunter Biden now faces a new indictment in federal court in California. This fresh set of charges comprises three felonies and six misdemeanors, accusing him of dodging taxes.

The Justice Department’s move to indict Hunter Biden after a prolonged investigation is significant in the political sphere. The grand jury charged him with allegedly evading federal taxes on a significant sum of foreign business income. These charges come as the second indictment this year and pose a considerable threat to his father’s political standing, with Republicans considering them a crucial aspect that might lead to President Biden’s impeachment.

Hunter Biden accumulated substantial earnings through private equity transactions, corporate consulting, and legal fees across various nations, including Ukraine, China, Romania, and several others. According to prosecutors, he had ample finances, enabling the purchase of luxurious items like a Porsche. Despite being cautioned by accountants and associates about his impending tax obligations, he failed to adhere to the IRS deadlines.

The detailed 56-page indictment spells out three counts each of tax assessment evasion, failure to file and pay taxes, and submitting false or fraudulent tax returns. This legal action presents a compelling narrative of personal excess, with potential severe political consequences for his father.

The tax evasion charges are the more weighty part of the investigation by special counsel David C. Weiss, initiated five years ago during the tenure of the former U.S. attorney for Delaware, who was retained when President Biden took office in 2021.

The indictment claims that Hunter Biden was involved in a scheme to avoid paying over $1.4 million in self-assessed federal taxes between 2016 and 2019, a time when Hunter Biden openly admitted to grappling with addiction. According to Weiss, during this period, the accused spent the money on various personal expenses like drugs, companions, lavish hotels, exotic cars, fashionable clothing, and other non-tax-related items instead of settling his tax obligations. It’s been confirmed that the outstanding taxes from that time have been settled now.

Facing a maximum sentence of 17 years if convicted, these new charges add significant legal pressure to Hunter Biden’s existing legal battles.

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