Florida Woman Vanishes From Apartment Complex in Spain

(PatriotWise.com) — Police in Florida and Spain are investigating the disappearance of an American woman who went missing from Madrid in early February, CNN reported.

Ana Maria Knezevic, 40, flew to Spain from South Florida in December while going through a vicious divorce from her Serbian husband, David.

Two weeks ago, Knezevic vanished. She was last seen the same day the security cameras in her Madrid apartment building were disabled by a man wearing a motorcycle helmet. However, it was not clear if the two incidents were connected.

The following day, two of her friends received WhatsApp messages from Knezevic’s phone – one in English and the other in Spanish—saying she had just met a man and was taking off with him to his summer house and would be there for a few days. The message said the signal at his summer house was “spotty,” so Ana would call when she returned to Madrid.

One of the friends, Sanna Rameau, told the Associated Press that Ana wouldn’t do anything like that. Rameau said the Spanish-language text read like something that had been written in English and translated using something like Google Translate.

Knezevic’s brother, Juan Filipe Henao, told CNN that Ana was supposed to travel from Madrid to Barcelona on February 5 with a friend, but she never arrived at the station. A missing person’s report was filed that day.

Police in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, were also notified, and investigations are underway both in Florida and Spain.

In speaking with Fort Lauderdale police, Juan Henao described his sister’s divorce from David Knezevic as “nasty.” He told a detective that he believed his estranged brother-in-law had returned to Serbia in January.

After his sister disappeared, Henao texted David Knezevic to see if he might know something, but David offered no information.

Missing person notices posted throughout Madrid by Spain’s Missing Persons Association have failed to generate any responses, association spokesman Joaquin Amils told the Associated Press.

Spanish police have also reached out to law enforcement in other countries for information that could be relevant to the search for Ana.

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