Former US Ambassador Claims Netanyahu is Dangerous

( — Israel Martin Indyk, the former US ambassador to Israel, blasted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday, describing him as a “clear and present danger” to Israel and demanding he resign “before he does even more damage” to the country, Politico reported.

On Sunday, the New York Times reported that Prime Minister Netanyahu was not only aware that Qatar was sending millions of dollars each month to Gaza to help prop up the Hamas-run government but was also encouraging the payments.

In a post on X responding to the report, Indyk described the Prime Minister’s “determination” to retain power “no matter the cost” as “a clear and present danger to Israel” and said Netanyahu needed to resign from office “yesterday!”

According to the New York Times, Netanyahu and other Israeli officials permitted the money to pour into Gaza, hoping that it would help maintain stability and peace in the region, while believing that Hamas did not have the capacity or the will to launch a large-scale attack on Israel like the one seen on October 7.

Indyk, who as former President Obama’s special Mideast envoy in 2013 and 2014 was tasked with forging a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians, added that Netanyahu needed to resign “before he does even more damage to Israel.”

Indyk also warned that it is Netanyahu who is responsible for causing a rift with President Biden, whom he described as the only friend Israel has “in this crisis.”

Since the temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas ended on December 1, the Israeli military has stepped up its attacks in Gaza, prompting mass surrenders of Hamas fighters.

The Biden administration has vowed to continue to stand with Israel in its war against Hamas and on Friday vetoed a UN Security Council ceasefire resolution that had the support of nearly all of the other member countries of the Security Council.

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