Frozen Pizza Recalled for Undeclared Wheat Ingredients

( — The FDA last week published a recall notice from the Missouri-based Shakespeare’s Pizza that it is pulling all of its frozen pizzas from stores due to mislabeling.

The company said the pizzas all contain wheat without wheat appearing on the labels, leaving anyone with an allergy or sensitivity to wheat at risk of a life-threatening or serious allergic reaction.

Shakespeare’s frozen pizzas are distributed in grocery stores in Missouri as well as the Kansas City metro area in Kansas. According to the FDA, no illnesses have been reported.

Consumers with a wheat sensitivity or allergy are urged not to consume the frozen pizzas and can return any purchased pizzas to the store or to Shakespeare’s Pizza for a refund.

The FDA provides the product labels and numbers in its notice.

The recall comes as the FDA announced that it found “extremely high” levels of lead in the cinnamon used at the plant in Ecuador that makes the pouches of cinnamon applesauce that were recalled in November.

After an inspection of the Negasmart plant in Ecuador, US food inspectors found high levels of lead in the cinnamon used in applesauce pouches sold under the brands Weis, Schnucks, and WanaBana.

The products were recalled in November after at least 22 toddlers in 14 states fell ill from eating the lead-tainted applesauce since October.

As of December 8, the number of affected toddlers had increased to at least 125 from 22 states, according to the CDC.

Blood tests showed that the toddlers who consumed the applesauce pouches made by Negasmart had lead levels up to eight times higher than the 3.5 micrograms per deciliter level the CDC uses to identify higher-than-normal levels among children.

Samples of the products showed lead contamination that was more than 200 times higher than allowed by the FDA.

The Negasmart products are not sold directly to the US market but are shipped through the Australian distributor Astrofoods.

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