Greene Blasts Speaker Johnson on Border

( — Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on Monday accused Speaker Mike Johnson of surrendering to the Democrats on border security, The Hill reported.

On Monday, the New York Times reported that Speaker Johnson had begun laying out his conditions for extending US military aid to Ukraine, an indication that he may plan to push through a package many Republicans oppose.

Rep. Greene, who opposes the aid package, has been pressuring the speaker to keep it from a House vote by threatening to file a motion to vacate the chair to oust him from the speakership.

On Monday, Greene said in a post on X that it would not be an “April Fools” if Johnson allowed a vote on Ukraine funding after he funded “Biden’s deadly open border.”

In a subsequent post, Greene quote-tweeted a report from Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin about ICE arresting an MS-13 gang member and four child rapists in Boston.

In her post, Greene accused Speaker Johnson of completely surrendering the House’s power to stop crimes “like child rape by illegals” when he allowed a vote on the appropriations package that “fully funded Biden’s deadly open border.”

While appearing on Fox’s “Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy” on Easter, Speaker Johnson acknowledged Rep. Greene’s frustrations over the appropriations package but defended negotiating with Democrats, explaining the Republican majority is the slimmest in history and that may result in getting legislation Republicans won’t like.

He told host Trey Gowdy that he had been communicating with Rep. Green and expected to meet with her when Congress returns next week after the Easter recess.

Johnson also said the House would begin working on a foreign aid package that includes funding for Ukraine when it returns to Washington.

Johnson also took a swipe at Greene, telling Gowdy that internal clashes within the Republican conference would only empower the Democrats in an election year.

Describing the clashes as a “distraction from our mission,” Johnson said Republicans know that the only way to “save the republic” is to expand the House majority, retake the Senate, and take back the White House.

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