Irish Senator Says Criminals Need a “Beating”

( — Irish Senator Seán Kyne said last week that the Irish people believe that the protesters involved in the rioting in Dublin deserve a beating from the Garda (police), the Irish Times reported.

Dublin erupted in violence on November 23 after demonstrators protesting a knife attack earlier that day clashed with police, resulting in 34 arrests.

In a press conference the following day, Garda Commissioner Drew Harris admitted that police had not anticipated that the stabbing that left five people, including three children, injured would have prompted “such disorder.”

The demonstrations erupted after a man in his 50s was detained by the Garda after stabbing several people, including a 5-year-old girl who was in “very serious condition.” While the Garda did not release the nationality of the suspect, it was reported that the man was an Algerian who had lived in Ireland for years.

Anti-immigrant demonstrators took to the streets to protest, blaming Ireland’s immigration policy.

According to Harris, the rioters caused “huge destruction,” looting and damaging 13 shops in Dublin, including one of the city’s major department stores. Four buses and a tram were destroyed, and 11 police vehicles were damaged.

One Garda officer was seriously injured, according to Commissioner Harris.

In addressing the Irish Seanad last Wednesday, Senator Kyne said the majority of the people he spoke to who witnessed the rioting fully supported the Garda and believed the “only response” those who participated “in this sort of criminality” would understand is “a good, honest, decent beating.”

Kyne conceded that he probably shouldn’t admit that, but bluntly added, “That’s what people want to see.”

He explained that the Garda has the authority to use “a baton to attack” those who are participating in criminality and rioting. He said there was “no excuse” for what happened, and the public should know that the Garda should use its authority to respond to the rioters “with force.”

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