Man Who Saved Baby in Runaway Stroller Now Has New Job

( — A hero who stopped a baby from being run over by a car in Hesperia, California, has downplayed his heroism as just being at “the right place at the right time.”

Former truck driver, Ron Nessman, hit tough times when his girlfriend died in 2018. He fell into deep despair and spent the next eight years living on the streets.

He recently returned to Hesperia to be closer to his family and moved in with his sister, Donna Gunderson. She has been “his rock throughout his life,” Nessman informed.

Gunderson was there to witness her brother’s heroism. A video of the terrifying experience also quickly went viral on social media.

The baby’s great-aunt was rummaging through her car on Monday at 3:30 p.m. when security footage showed the stroller abruptly rolling backward. Strong gusts blowing through the high desert propelled the infant towards the four-lane Bear Valley Road. Nessman was sitting on a bench at a nearby carwash.

Nessman said he followed his sister to the car wash after finishing an interview for a dishwashing job at an Applebee’s restaurant.

In the clip, the great-aunt sees the stroller and starts running toward it, but she trips and falls. She recovers, only to collapse once more.

Suddenly, a man snatches the stroller’s handle just in time to prevent it from plunging into oncoming traffic.

Nessman said there was no time to think. “You gotta get it, and I did!” Nessman said.

At the end of the clip, Ron is seen carrying the stroller back up the parking lot while another person assists the downed woman in getting to her feet. When he finally reaches the lady, he embraces her with open arms.

Later that day, while being interviewed for his heroic act, Nessman got a call from Applebee’s. They told him he got the job.

Nessman, overcome with gratitude, simply said, “Thank you.”

Nessman expressed enthusiasm for his new position because he can take the bus to work. He plans to save money so he can get a secondhand car so that he may travel to other opportunities for employment.

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