The Steps Needed To Boycott Bud Light

( — Since Anheuser-Busch, the parent company of Bud Light, decided to use the popular transgender female as the face of its brand in a new campaign, conservatives have argued for a boycott, according to The Western Journal. The credibility of the company is reportedly falling among people that have had a long relationship with the beer when Dylan Mulvaney was seen in videos promoting the brand. Some cans also featured Mulvaney’s face.

Bud Light was Anheuser-Busch’s most-bought beer in the United States last year, but the company also owns many other beers. Now, sales are reportedly slumping by 30% in the last week. Speaking to industry insiders, Fox News revealed that sales of the company’s beer on tap are down by 50%.

Boycotts have been popular with the American left in recent years. After the CEO of the Hispanic-founded Goya, CEO Robert Unanue visited the Trump White House and showed his support of the former president, leftists called for a massive boycott of the company. Instead, the boycott failed, and the company’s sales increased.

Conservatives are now taking the initiative to shut down the popular beer brand that they feel is going against their values. It was shown that an executive at the company said that she wanted to change the “fratty culture” of Bud Light to be more “inclusive,” a term indicative of leftist terminology.

Conservatives see this change as support of transgender ideology, which denies biology and states that women can become men and men can become women. One merchandiser was seen on Twitter explaining that he had never seen such little sales of Bud Light. He reportedly said that it was sad because “when people don’t buy this beer, I do not make money and I can’t feed my family.”

He then blamed Anheuser-Busch for the slump and for not knowing their clientele.


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