US Man Admits to Assault and Murder at Famous Castle in Germany

( — A 31-year-old Michigan man facing multiple charges in connection to the 2023 rape and murder of an American tourist in Germany confessed to the crimes in a Bavarian courtroom on Monday, CBS News reported.

The defendant, identified only as Troy Philipp B. under German privacy laws, was charged with raping and murdering a 21-year-old American woman and attempting to murder her 22-year-old friend near Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria last June. He also faced charges of possession of child pornography.

The attack occurred near the Marienbruecke, the bridge over a gorge famous for its views of the iconic castle. Troy B. lured the two American women into the woods, offering to show them a secret view of Neuschwanstein. Once off the trail, he attempted to rape the 21-year-old woman. When her friend tried to fight Troy B. off, he allegedly pushed her down a slope. The friend fell more than 160 feet but survived.

Troy B. then strangled the other woman until she was unconscious and then raped her. When he was interrupted by hikers, Troy B. pushed her down the same slope.

When rescue workers later found the two women, the 21-year-old was unconscious while her friend, who was suffering from scrapes, bruises, and a head injury, was conscious and talking. They were airlifted to a nearby hospital where the younger victim later died of her injuries.

Troy B. was arrested in front of hundreds of Neuschwanstein tourists.

At the start of Monday’s trial, Philip Mueller, the attorney representing Troy B., shocked the court when he admitted that the defendant committed the crimes but said he had acted spontaneously without intent. He also said Troy B. admitted to the charge of possession of child pornography.

In the German criminal justice system, defendants do not enter formal pleas to charges.

Mueller admitted to the court that the defendant knew the victim would die without immediate assistance but chose to leave her behind. He said Troy B. was “deeply ashamed” of his actions and wanted to apologize to the family of the younger woman.

Throughout the hearing, Troy B. did not say a word except to confirm the accuracy of Mueller’s statement to the court.

If convicted, Troy B. could face life in prison.

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